• Frontend Developer at WebMD (March 2015 - Current)

    Develop new responsive user-facing features with JSP as a backend resource

    Implement and provide critical feedback on the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

    Update and collaborate with other team members and stakeholders

    Write JSP pages to supply proper data and content structure

    Lead on re-styling Medscape CME article pages

    Develop highly visual product pages from design to fully functionality

    Notable Projects

  • Frontend Developer at Uniqlo, NYC (December 2013 - March 2015)

    Work with Japan team to implement new product/e-commerce pages for Uniqlo, USA

    Complete management of the Uniqlo, USA homepage, saving valuable seconds of page-load time for millions of end users

    Develop, maintain and improve responsive current/new consumer facing e-commerce standard and third-party pages and applications

    Asset/content development for Uniqlo, USA app

    Liaison between New York office and global development team (NTT)

  • Frontend Developer at NBCUniversal, Inc.(March 2013 - September 2013)

    Built Mobile Web and Desktop Photogallery using jQuery/Javascript objects as viewed here: [ Mobile Web, Desktop ] ( Used by the 10 Major News Markets )

    Worked with the Omniture scode and Adobe team to fix video tracking issues

    Built Social Media Landing page ( Used by the 10 Major News Markets )

  • Frontend Web Producer at Coach, NYC - Consultant (November 2012 - March 2013)

    Developed new weekly front-end features on the Coach.com websites (NYC, Japan)

    Programmed new internal tools to assist with new content updates and delivery

  • Web Applications Developer at Cars.com (October 2007 - April 2012)

    Instrumental in the development and support of the Cars.com Research pages: cars.com/go/crp

    Multimedia developer (Photos (built gallery object), Videos (BrightCove) & 360 Spins) [ Archived work: 1, 2 ]

    Developed new in-house Consumer Reviews page and data objects [ Archived work: 1 ]

    Worked with app development team to customize initial data API

    Developed and maintain PHP-based secure-Flickr API script used for editorial and autoshow usages (internal tool)

  • Web Development Specialist at Academy of General Dentistry (September 2006 - March 2007)

    Developed a new website for yearly conference, accessed by tens of thousands

    Worked in a team environment to assist in the coordination of a new AGD website design/development

    Supported over 35,000 members with excellent support for online learning and service technologies

  • Coldfusion Developer at CENTERSTAGE CHICAGO (October 2005 - December 2005)

    Developed stronger developmental strategies for effective use and display of online content

    Assisted with updates and changes to content storage and management

    Worked to prepare website for new technologies such as DHTML and Javascript

  • Web Developer at THE OFFICE OF MINORITY STUDENT AFFAIRS at University of Illinois (January 2002 - August 2003)

    Developed new student summer admissions applications

    Updated and maintained the OMSA website

    Imported new student data/records from legacy systems into new databases

  • Network Administration Assistant/Web Developer at WEB TECHNOLOGY GROUP (UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS) (May 2001 - June 2002)

    Installed and maintained all computing hardware and software

    Administered Cold Fusion, SQL, Unix/Linux, NT, SSL Servers and developmental machines (PC & Mac)

    Managed new users on the Web Technology Group Domain

    Developed new web projects using ASP/ColdFusion

  • Audio/Visual Technician at ACCENTURE (June 1998 - June 2000)

    Operated, and maintained Audio/Visual equipment and systems

    Provided support to customers on A/V equipment and systems

    Coordinated equipment request orders using ACORS software

    Developed VBA database designs with Access

    Video editing using the Avid System

  • Securities Reconciler, Northern Trust Bank (August 1997 - June 1998)

    Reconciled daily security records

    Organized archived microfiche security records

    Regular data entry of security records

Other Experiences

  • FOODTRUCKIES.COM (in progress)

    I'm a fan of food trucks, so I started building this some years ago for fun.


    I love photography and am an expert event photographer. I'm currently developing my portrait artwork.

    Have assisted David Leslie Anthony 2011-2012


    • President of the United States of America
    • AT & T
    • Disney
    • Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
    • Illinois Lottery
    • Grey Goose
    • Jewel-Osco
    • Uptown Magazine
    • Vibe
    • Ludacris Foundation
    • Orzel Vodka
    • Goodman Theatre
    • Essence Magazine
    • Chef Julius Russell
    • Junior League of Chicago
    • Harley Davidson
    • Boulevard One
    • theWit Hotel, Chicago
    • Lexus
    • Jobs For Youth, Chicago
    • Toyota
    • High Style Marketing
    • The James Hotel
    • NSBE Magazine
    • Luster Products
    • Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
    • National Restaurant Association
    • Uniqlo, NYC
    • Oral Health America


    • Chicago Tribune
    • Uptown Magazine
    • Jet Magazine
    • Vibe Magazine
    • NSBE Magazine (Cover)
    • Essence Magazine
    • Urban Influence Magazine
    • PR Newswire
    • CS Magazine
    • Vogue, India
    • Refinery29.com

    Because of my love for photography, this was a project that I decided to take on for fun! Launched in December 2013, it's a push-button open air photobooth. I used an arduino micro for the control box and wrote the software that when an external button is pushed, it creates a focus and shutter release from a dslr. Showing to the subjects a built-in countdown (using a 7-segment countdown) between each photo.

    Photos are tethered to a computer, running a local instance of Apache/PHP with custom scripts that organize and rename the photos, based on data from a JSON object from the most recently scheduled (current) event. Photos are then uploaded to my online server and fed into my CMS to display on to the web.

    During the live event, photos (currently 2x2 grid on 4x6 photo paper) are printed with a QR code from each photoset uploaded to my server. The QR code takes guest to an instant preview of their photos. You can scan the barcode below to see!

  • INCHICITY.COM, 2005-2009 [ OFFLINE ] (view Archived)

    An online entertainment website---covering "All Things Urban Entertainment in Chicago"

    Grew from zero userbase to over 30,000 subscribers with users reaching as far as Europe and Asia

    Worked with major brands: SonyBMG, LionsGate and Toyota for promotional events and giveaways

    Interviewed and photographed celebrities, red carpets, galas and top events around town

  • INTHECU.COM, 2003-2004 [ OFFLINE ]

    My first big web project that highlighted the parties that I helped throw with custom music and my photography

    Ran off a server in my dorm room

    Averaged 200-800 pageviews for approximately 2 weeks after each event


About Errol Dunlap

With nearly 20 years working as a web developer,  Errol Dunlap has been developing web solutions to service both businesses and individuals–successfully developing, maintaining and promoting their web products.

Though web development has changed over the years, Errol has kept up with those changes and improvements in the web application development industry. Becoming a multimedia expert and working with both large and small brands has allowed him to stay flexible in providing adequate services for his clients. From enterprise B2B or standard B2C, Errol has provided his dynamic skillset to developing a great product.

Errol has worked to develop himself as an effective solution for businesses looking to improve their online presence.  Each of his clients and corporate relationships are tailored to the clients' specific needs and includes work with Uniqlo, NBCUNiversal, Coach NYC, The President of the United States 2012, University of Illinois, The National Restaurant Association, AT&T, Toyota, Luster Products, Academy of General Dentistry, Accenture, Cars.com, Tour for Diversity in Medicine--to name a few.

"I work with my clients to develop a product to their specific requirements. From a few web pages to a full web application, I work to achieve the company’s roadmap goals, their current advertising campaigns, company brochures, or even design a completely new online presence.

My development process begins with gathering information.  Meeting to discuss the project--even down to the color of the borders.  The design is the next process.  Getting the look is so crucial to making sure that we have a successful, visually appealing project. So, I work with great designers that can take the level of design skill that I have and strengthen it.  Then, the development phase---making the site work!  I feel that it’s important to make a beautiful vehicle run. I take this phase on directly and work to optimize and streamline the project’s functionality.  Finally, I like to ensure that everyone involved are happy with a well working project.  We do this through testing, SEO and quality assurance.  

Working with professionals that understand the changes in these areas, help me to learn what it takes to develop a better website."

I specializes in:

  • User Experience/Front-end Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Management
  • Domain Management
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJ)/HTML/CSS
  • Social Media Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Open Source Software
  • Wordpress
  • Responsive Web design
  • Datasets/JSON
  • Multimedia implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Audio/Visual Engineer (Video conferencing, video capture/edit, audio capture/edit, equipment maintenance)
  • Computer Repair/Upgrade
  • Content Management Systems (custom+packaged)
  • Print identity packages (business cards, postcards, products, etc)
  • Videography
  • Photography